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Two lonely American women. Two handsome Turkish men. What could possibly go wrong?

If you like stories with strong female characters, exotic locales, and dangerous liaisons, then take a flying carpet ride to Istanbul. Read THE RUG BAZAAR today.

…poignant, honest, and compelling

…brimming with emotion

“A duet of stories that flies in the face of anything you’d think a love story could be. These are independent stories, yet, as a pair, they harmonize. In music, we might call this “call and response,” how one instrument follows another, and, in following, comments on the first. I’ll leave it to the reader to pick the order in which these two pieces might best be read. But, surely, read them both! Much of the beauty of ‘The Rug Bazaar’ is to be found in the way one story complements another.”

—David James Poissant, judge of the Jeanne M. Leiby Chapbook Contest