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Due out in 2020

When disease hits their expedition, a famous astronomer and his teenage artist risk death to observe the Transit of Venus.

Baja California, 1769. Against all odds, Chappe d’Auteroche, the most famous astronomer of his day, has reached San José del Cabo. Chappe hopes to answer the biggest scientific question of his day. What is the diameter of the Earth? Chappe must get his observatory built in time for the Transit of Venus.

But with just two weeks before the celestial event, an outbreak of yellow fever threatens the astronomer’s success. The only way to achieve the recognition he knows he deserves may be to break quarantine…

Chappe’s young artist has another agenda. Completing the first accurate drawings of California could bring Noël the fame he craves. But with the entire team’s health at risk, his future of riches might never materialize. Short of stature, but large of heart, Noël could hold the key to whether they live or die.

Stranded and with their Spanish “minders” watching their every move, Chappe and Noël’s mission may just end beneath the stars.

If you like vivid imagery, fast-paced action, and characters who risk everything to explore the unknown, then you’ll love this epic novel. Download the excerpt now.