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7-Day Writer’s Bootcamp

Aspiring writers have a tough time imagining what it means to live the “writing life.” The writing life doesn’t mean waiting for inspiration. It doesn’t mean having big blocks of time. To become a successful writer, you need to put in place habits that will take you where you want to go.

For long-term success writers must establish a “writing practice.” I once heard another writer liken this to brushing one’s teeth. You don’t think about brushing your teeth. You just do it.

Having a writing practice gets you out of the habit of having to “decide” whether you’re going to write. It helps you discover that you can tap into your creativity in coffee shops, bus stations, or on public transit. To become a writer, you don’t need to quit your day job or defer your dreams until a some day in the hazy future.

This book shows you how you can turn your dream of becoming a writer into a reality. What is a writer? A writer writes. That’s all there is to it. And in only 45 minutes a day, you can put in place the building blocks of a writing career.

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By doing the exercises in this book, you’ll get started on the road to success. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to start a writing notebook
  • Where to find story ideas
  • Where you write best
  • How to mine your past
  • Why new story ideas often come from writing prompts
  • How to avoid procrastination

At the end of seven days, you’ll understand what it means to have a “writing practice.” A writing practice is a constellation of habits. These habits, including the habit of close observation, will set you on the path to writing the book only you can write.

The exercises are designed to be completed in 45 minutes or less. Sign up for Bootcamp, and see what it’s like to live the writing life.

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